An Unconventional Author

September 3, 2006


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In this crowded lonely place,

Searching vainly for your face,

I wonder, Darling, how could this be?

How could there be an end to you and me?

Soulmates we were just yesterday;

Heartmates forever didn’t we say?

Where are you now?  I wish I knew.

Reincarnated?  Witch’s brew?

You did not die.  I know that now.

I’ll find you again.  Just tell me how.

Tomorrow?  Today?  When will it be?

You and me.  The eternal two.

There is no me if there’s no you.

© 2006, Peggy Ullman Bell


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  1. I spent today’s afternoon respite on Peggy’s website Reading, listening, learning. If you haven’t enjoyed Peg’s honey-sweet tone, pull up your comfy chair and enjoy as Peg reads from her work. Don’t miss Jessica’s book report — astoundingly passionate, bravely offered, and the ultimate compliment to her grandmother. I love it when writer DNA begins oozing from the young ones. Thank you for a delightful hour, Peggy. ~Molly

    Comment by Molly Swoboda — September 4, 2006 @ 8:29 pm

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